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On May 1, 2021, we did what many said could not be done. With your help, we beat back an anti-police proposition at the ballot box. Across the country, this type of proposition has never failed. Thanks to you, we were the first city in the country to stop an anti-police ballot measure.

The final vote shows that our police officers are supported by a broad cross-section of voters who agreed with us that Prop. B was not good for San Antonio. It was a close race, but we always knew it would be. We were facing a well-funded, well-organized opposition and local media bias against police in general and on this topic in particular. Nevertheless, we prevailed, and while we are grateful for this victory, we know that our opponents are not done with their attempts to weaken and defund our police department. FIX SAPD has declared their intentions to come after your police officers again. We’re ready to deal with a new fight when and if it comes, but for now we just want to say thank you to the people of San Antonio.

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Press Release – April 5, 2021

Contact: Maegan LeetonEmail:  NEW INFO. TO BE REVEALED ABOUT DEFUND POLICE GROUP BEHIND PROP. B  SAN ANTONIO, TX — Press Conference to be held at SAPOA Headquarters, 1:00 p.m. April 6th. Officer Alonzio Hardin will reveal new and vital information on

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Press Release – March 22, 2021

Contact: Maegan LeetonEmail:  STATEMENT FROM DANNY DIAZ ON HIS MEETING TODAY WITH MAYOR RON NIRENBERG     “It was great meeting with Mayor Ron Nirenberg at SAPOA’s office today. We had a productive discussion about public safety issues and the direction

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