back sa brew

Love Coffee? Introducing Back SA Brew!

Back SA Brew is a new blend created for coffee lovers that Back the Blue! Saying thank you and acknowledging their service is now as easy as enjoying a cup of joe.

Back SA Blue has partnered with a local brewery, Pulp Coffee Roasters, to create a fruity blend from regions of South America and Africa. The blend is balanced and smooth with notes of baker’s chocolate, apple, and fig. Pulp’s seven step process starts with roasting until a drop temperature of over 500 degrees – a temperature that most roasters would never consider. The beans are then stored and cooled in plastic containers until they are used. When an order is placed, the coffee is weighed, scooped, and mixed to a tasteful combination of flavors. After the desired blend is achieved, orders are packaged to perfection. You can recognize Back SA Brew in a black bag with gold accents- created exclusively for the San Antonio Police Officers Association.

For a suggestion contribution of $10 a bag you will not only support law enforcement but local a business. Owner of Pulp, James Mireles, is the brother-in-law of a San Antonio police officer and therefore has significant interest in the cause as well. SAPOA prides itself on its focus to represent, preserve, and protect the benefits of its members earned through their dedicated service. This is why Back SA Brew is more than just a cup of coffee. It’s a promise to Back the Blue and support the programs and initiatives of the San Antonio Police Officers Association.

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