Press Release – January 8, 2020


Contact: Michael Helle
Tel: (210) 822-4428

The following is a statement from Michael Helle, President of the San Antonio Police Officers Association, on news that “FIX SAPD” has delivered 20,000 signatures for certification to the City Clerk for an anti-police petition to force a referendum onto the May 2021 municipal ballot:

“We believe that a great number of these signatures have been collected fraudulently and under false pretenses. We have received several credible reports from citizens, including reports that have been filed with SAPD, that FIX has been misrepresenting themselves as being from or with the San Antonio Police Department. We have also had reports of petitioners physically challenging residents who refuse to sign. In addition, several citizens have informed us that FIX has lied to them about the true purpose of the petition and that they have the endorsement of Police Chief McManus. We encourage any citizen who feels like they have been misled or coerced into signing this petition to call the City Clerk at (210) 207-7253 to have their name removed.”

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