Defund Police Activists and their allies in the media have been pushing out a BIG LIE, that ‘2/3rds’ or even ‘78%’ of fired officers get back on the force due to the arbitration process in the police contract. FACT IS out of 71 terminations over the past 10 years, only 10 got their job back due to the arbitration process, while 20 were reinstated by Chief William McManus. See the TRUTH here!


  1. Defund the Police??? What a preposterous idea! Stupidity must be contagious! You sure can tell when your Cities are governed by Liberal Nutcases!!!

  2. Defunding the Police is absolutely beyond dangerous and will bring more crime to our city! Please try to have a backbone against these radicals that seem to have too big of a voice! You need to stand off against them NOW!

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